A new form of Australian business is on the rise but it’s based in China

A shopper (L) browses for health products in an aisle stocked with vitamin supplements at a Mr Vitamins store in Sydney, Australia, March 9, 2017.
When someone mentions a new Australian business, it is usually assumed that it would be an organisation that’s at least based on Australian soil. However, a new trend of rising business opportunities in China has resulted in quite a lot of small and medium-sized businesses leaving Australia and setting up shop over there.
Westpac's keyboard app on iTunes

Apple shuts down Westpac’s keyboard banking app

Apple has effectively shut down Westpac’s mobile banking keyboard app. The Australian bank will remove its Westpac Keyboard function on iOS in July after the US-based tech giant pulled the plug on it.
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Telstra will be refunding customers who are not getting the speed they were promised from nbn. The Australian telco admitted that about 1 percent of its nbn customers were promised speeds that could not be achieved realistically at their location.

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Toyota announced on Thursday that it would recall its 2016 and 2017 model-year Toyota Tacoma due to possible leaked oil leading to the damaging of the car's rear differential.