Coal prices jump, set new high following disruption in Australia

Coal prices experienced a sharp spike in the wake of the deadly Cyclone Debbie, which has had significant impact on the mining industry in Queensland. Chinese metallurgical futures climbed by more than 7 percent to reach $255 a tonne on Wednesday. This sets the highest recorded level for the prices since December.
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Australia's prosperity depends heavily on its economic relationship with China

Australia’s economic relationship with China will be an instrumental factor in determining its future prosperity. With the importance of resource exports on the rise, there is a need for a newer model of economic engagement. The country should be able to accommodate Chinese demands concerning a variety of services.
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Mining accounting for 10 percent of all Australian jobs

As Australia finds itself facing the “post boom” era, the contribution of the mining industry has been much larger than previously believed. The sector accounts for as much as 10 percent of all jobs. According to Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) board member Ian Harper, the “export phase” of the mining boom has another 30 years to run.

Telstra loses determination case against ACCC

ACCC won the case against Telstra after Federal Court justice Lindsay Foster dismissed the telecommunications company's application for judicial review of the competition watchdog's 2014 Final Access Determination.
A man takes a picture of an artwork by British graffiti artist Banksy at Lower Manhattan in New York, October 15, 2013.

London tech startup aims to disrupt the digital rewards and loyalty landscape

In 2014, a group of Australian, American and French entrepreneurs came together with the aim to build a platform that would disrupt the way digital offers are being consumed by smartphone users from around the world, as well as build an ecosystem that would reward those same users for their loyalty. This idea gave birth to Sh8pe Ltd, a London-based technology startup.