Papa John's

What is a 'poison pill'? John Schnatter sues Papa John's

Papa John’s recently forced founder and former Chairman John Schnatter to resign over allegations he made a racial slur. It’s taking advantage of a corporate strategy often used to fend off hostile takeover attempts: the “poison pill.”
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Trade war could chill China’s growing investment in US economy

The U.S. and China are currently engaged in an ever-escalating trade war with no end in sight. While the focus of the dispute has centered on tariffs, the consequences are expected to spill well beyond imports and exports to other aspects of the countries’ complex relationship.
GMO Crops

How to show consumers the benefits of genetically modified foods

Genetically modified (GM) foods for human consumption have long been a subject of intense public debate, as well as academic research. Despite the lack of scientific evidence to suggest GM foods are less safe than conventional foods, previous studies have shown that consumers are reluctant to fully embrace them and are wary about the technology that produces them.