Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Update for Google Nexus 10 Rolls Out

Google’s latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update started rolling out to devices like Nexus 10 beginning Wednesday. Following the announcement of the Jelly Bean update, Google also unwrapped the second generation Nexus 7. While Android 4.3 and new Nexus 7 continue to make headlines and garner positive feedback, the tech giant already mentioned plans of releasing Nexus 10 and Key Lime Pie.

Microsoft Starts Teaching Kinect Sign Language

Microsoft researchers started exploring inputting sign language capabilities to their Kinect. The company is working on including sign language reading capacities to the technology. Is this really possible?
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Apple (AAPL) iPad, Blackberry Playbook, Google Nexus, Microsoft Surface Competes for M2M Supremacy, Which Tablet Will Win and Open More Opportunities?

Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and Blackberry are battling it out for M2M supremacy. Handling business and personal data has become important for people, and increasing mobility and convenience of computing device are helping individuals do so. Analysts predict that the era of personal computers is almost over and more compact devices like ultrabooks and tablets will take centre stage.

Australian Dollar Continues to Weaken Despite $670 Million Trade Surplus

The Australian dollar weakens further despite rallying slightly after the nation has posted a fourth consecutive month of trade surplus. On Wednesday, the Australian dollar traded at 91.62 U.S. cents, lower than Tuesday's exchange rate of 91.83 cents. Official data indicates Australia's trade balance last May maintained its positive streak for four months in a row with a surplus worth $670 million.

Intel's CTO Steps Down, New CEO Focuses on Wearable Device Chip

Intel's chief technology officer Justin Rattner has stepped down from his post because of his age. The company forbids any employer to be beyond 65 working still. Rattner will be on extended leave. Intel did not provide details about his return and to what his return will account for.

Toshiba to Release a New Series of Satellite P Laptops

Toshiba has not made major announcements for quite some time but this time, the company is joining the bandwagon for some big tech announcements and releases. Just recently, Toshiba unleashed their new Satellite P Series of laptops, adding to the number of super computers on the market.

Australia Markets (Opening Calls) 29 December 2011

The S&P 500 fell 1.3% on a forex related move, after EUR/USD traded down to an eleven-month low.Among the major averages, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1.1% to 12151. The S&P pulled back 1.3% to 1249, below its 200-day moving average, while the NASDAQ dropped 1.1% to 2267.

Who will be the Top Fixed-Income Manager for the Year?

Morningstar has again launched its yearly pick for the top fixed-income managers of the year. The tough criterion will again focus on how these managers delivered outstanding returns based on a sound strategy for the long term and not just on the highest returns made for the fiscal year.

The tax summit's super challenge

Summits are there to be climbed. But there is no doubt when it comes to tax summits a lot of preparation, planning and public debate is required before anything resembling success looms into sight.

China's Stake in W. Australia’s Coal Mines Raises Concerns

With more and more foreign businesses wanting to invest and partake in Australia's huge and abundant mining industry, federal authorities are disturbed resources might all be consumed by foreign partners and none will be left for the locals to use.

Poll: China to Grow Less Than 5% by 2016

China needs to re-work its economic policies and growth strategies if it wants to continue enjoying a more than 9 percent annual growth, which catapulted it to become the world's second-largest economy now, otherwise it is also doomed to suffer what the U.S. and Europe are presently experiencing.

Copper Prices Post Gains

Hopes of a coordinated European bailout plan propelled copper futures to end sharply higher Tuesday, with December delivery reaching 15.65 US cents, or 4.5 per cent, to $US3.4395 per pound on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Gold Regains Foothold

Gold futures on Tuesday regained its foothold after a three-day slide on a weakened U.S. dollar and renewed investor confidence fuelled by encouragement that European fiscal regulators are working overtime on a bailout fund to address the region's debilitating sovereign-debt crisis.