Apple continues to have a big week as it finally unveils the iOS 7. Not to mention, the tech giant has also just unwrapped two of its phones: the iPhone 5S and 5C. Additionally, Apple has also unveiled their latest operating system interface: iOS 7. What's the verdict?

Released just this September 18, Apple revealed their latest operating system. The new iOS 7 offers an extreme improvement in visuals over older versions. Some users may feel disoriented once they go from iOS 6 to 7 but the changes are important.

Despite the enhancements, reports say that the changes are necessary and for the best of the users. Did the new OS deliver?

Bolder Look

For people who have not seen or peaked into the system, they will be in for a big visual surprise. Apple overhauled the interface completely. This goes from the clock screen to the system fonts, default apps, system elements such as Notification center and the status bar indicators among others.

People will also find new sounds, notification cues, ringtones and a series of information. The look may be controversial to some especially since Apple chose bold and bright colors with less texture but better defined lines. The OS also offers a certain amount of depth. Nonetheless, people can still find some transparency on the foreground elements including background.

While Apple's announcement and sneak peak of the iOS 7 received criticisms during the WWDC, its actual application on the devices merited please reception. It can grow on users and it is not as bad as many thought the design would be.

Control Center

The control center is something new that only comes with the iOS 7. It is also very useful. The feature allows people to access the commonly-used settings toggles quickly. This means users can go to settings or apps like Do Not Disturb mode, Bluetooth, Rotation Lock, Wi-Fi including AirDrop and AirPlay quickly. Other apps people can get quick access include Timer, Camera and Calculator.

Control Center gives a more useful and simplified approach to how users arrange their applications and access. It organizes things like volume control and media player/AirPlay/brightness.


Apple's AirDrop debuted through the Mac as an additional feature to the OS X. This time, it makes its way to the mobile devices of the company. People can share files with anyone so long as they belong to the same network. They can do with just one tap.


Siri also got an update like everything else on the new system. Siri now features new voices intended to have a more human approach. There are also added data sources like Wikipedia, Bing and Twitter. The voice prompt can also now playback voicemail, return phone calls and just accomplish more.