Apple (AAPL) has been experimenting with sensors starting with the TouchID. Following its fingerprint venture, it appears Apple wants to put Xbox's Kinect technology to its line of products. The tech giant has acquired 3-D chip producer PrimeSense. The company was behind Xbox's Kinect and it seems Apple wants to put the same feature on its iPhone, iPad and MacBook products.

Analysts say Apple's acquisition of PrimeSense is part of the company's move to push touch-free interface. Apple appears to be gearing up for a new wave of next-generation devices. Imagine controlling iPhones and MacBook through movements. It will spawn a new consumer base and fandom.

According to a report from, Calcalist Financial Newspaper informed that Apple bought PrimeSense for A$367 million. This will bring the 3-D-sensing expertise of the company to California. Analysts consider this move on Apple's part as interesting. This means the company continues to explore other ground-breaking and possibly first-of-its-kind technologies.

Apple has been on a slump lately facing immense competition from companies like Samsung, Google and Sony. With reports of Apple working on a television set, sources say it may not just be the iPhone, iPad and Macs with sensors, but television sets with face detection or motion control features may also be in the works.

It was reported earlier that Apple acquired a patent on a system automating households. This means investing on 3-D-sensing technology is only obvious. They all lead to creation of a "smart home." Apple has been best known for revolutionising mobile and music computing. It appears Apple is moving towards revolutionising devices by making them more responsive. If people can operate their Macs and iPhones with a wave of their hand, then it can take convenient use to a whole new level.

Imagine Tony Stark in his basement laboratory. Nearly every computing device in that scene can be controlled by motions. It's a possibility that could appeal to consumers.

Back in 2011, Apple introduced Siri to venture into touch-less interface. By simply talking to the device, users can accomplish a number of tasks already. If Apple can pair this with motion sensor control, then it can spawn a new breed of tech devices. Perhaps, it can also be the game changer it was once so.