Intel's Z2580 application processor, also known as CloverTrail before launching, defeated other leading processors in a benchmarking exercise. Intel outperformed competitors like Qualcomm, Nvidia and Samsung in a test according to Allied Business Intelligence Inc. Allied Business is affiliated with ABI Research.

ABI Research revealed that Intel Corp. processor is the best in reducing power consumption in smartphones. It is now a top player and lower compared to equivalents based on the ARM architecture licensed from ARM Holdings plc. This type of performance is necessary for high-end smartphones running many applications.

According to ABI, the company is "well positioned for strong growth over the next few years." The benchmark exercise involved comparing the performances smartphones. These included Lenovo K900 smartphone running on by Intel's Z2580 application processor and supporting XMM6360 chipset. A set of smartphones from Samsung were also tested. They run on ARM-based application processors by Nvidia. Qualcomm was also included.

"The benchmarks were impressive but the real surprise was the current consumption recorded during the benchmarks; the new processor not only outperformed the competition in performance but it did so with up to half the current drain," Jim Mielke, vice president of engineering at ABI research, was quoted in a statement.

"Intel did significant work to bring the current drain down on their well-recognized high-performance processors but the competitors did not help themselves. The ARM architecture used by nearly all of Intel's competitors is well known for its low power performance but in bringing the processing power up closer to PC levels, the current drain has taken a significant hit," he added.

"Combining the high-end modems - the XMM6360 is used in both the Lenovo K900 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 - with their application processors for high- to mid-tier solutions and single-chip EDGE chips for low-cost phones makes Intel a rare full portfolio provider."

On the other side of the market, Intel's Haswell is receiving great reviews for its performance.