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Pokemon X and Y, the popular role-playing video games that have been developed by Japanese video game developer Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS, have other online features for Pokemon players such as the Player Search System (PSS), Play! Pokemon, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection® (WFC) and the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) Online. Now, Pokemon fans can choose from cool Pokemon games in the Internet.

For those who have been playing their Pokemon X and Y games regularly, many may have already be bored by now, especially after finishing most of the game levels. Some may have even gone up to the end of the game and beaten the Elite Four and conquered the champion. You're probably thinking, what now? Don't worry. You can still have fun with your Pokemon team as the Pokemon X and Y games are equipped with several options to play it online.

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The Player Search System

Thanks to Pokemon X and Y's "Player Search System" (PSS), which is a multiplayer feature, where Pokemon players have the option to connect, trade and battle with other players in the Internet. With the PSS, interested Pokemon players can search for other players in the Internet who are playing Pokemon locally and globally. They can choose from different categories like Friends, Acquaintances or Passersby. These categories can be found on the PSS main window. The PSS also has several functions, including being able to use it for the Wonder Trade, O-Powers and the Global Trade Station (GTS) or the Global Terminal. It even has a "Battle Spot" option, which matches players with opponents from around the world randomly.

Play! Pokemon Program

The Play! Pokemon Program is a network designed for Pokemon players to enable them to play with each other even if they are from different parts of the world. It was created for the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) players so that they can meet, but it eventually expanded and branched out to offer Pokemon players other activities like Pokemon movie viewings, video game activities, art sessions, Premier Tournaments, leagues and National and World Championship events.

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Don't forget to check out the Pokemon X and Y Play! Pokemon and other online features like the Player Search System (PSS) and the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection® (WFC) by clicking HERE, HERE and HERE. You can also choose from other cool Pokemon games in the Internet like the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (Click HERE and HERE to learn more). If you want to know more about the Wonder Trade, which enables Pokemon players to randomly trade with fellow players, click HERE.


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