Apple and Google continue to battle it out for mobile OS supremacy. As Google steadily gains more users over the years, Android seemingly has surpassed the iOS. Google has achieved that in terms of downloads and better integration over the years but Apple has not been a tech leader for nothing. The strong user base and reliable ecosystem are major selling points of the iOS. Surprisingly, reports now suggest that iOS developers are making more money than Android developers. How is that possible?

"During this past quarter, Google's mobile phones made up four out every five shipped. Considering Apple came in a distant second with just under 13%, that is a staggering lead," Mike Schuster indicated his report for Minyanville.

"Then again, Apple is definitely no slouch when it comes to profits. Not only does Cupertino lead the industry in hardware profit margins, in-app purchases and developer revenue completely trounce that of Android's offerings," Schuster reports. "In terms of paid downloads and in-app purchases, Android slumps to $0.43 for every dollar on iOS. Taking paid downloads out of the equation, the gap is even wider: Android makes just $0.24 for in-app purchases compared to iOS' $1.00."

"Despite a pressing need for Android coders given the sheer number of devices for the platform, iOS developers earn more than five times the revenue per download than Android developers," Schuster reports. "Clearly, iPhone and iPad users are more willing to part with their cash for an app than are Android users, making Apple's mobile OS far more attractive to code for."

Many analysts agree that Google has been leading the race because Apple has not tapped the markets that Google has. Likewise, Apple does not have partnerships or collaborations with other tech manufacturers that will widen their reach. The Apple iOS has remained exclusive for Apple devices whereas Google's Android has reached as many tech manufacturers as possible.

If Apple will be reaching out to other manufacturers then the competition can change completely. The tech giant is holding its own greatly against Google's massive entourage. Analysts believe Apple can still double their revenue and compete against Google if it will try to challenge the internet giant's strategy.