Clash of Clans brings the inner barbarian of people in a battle to protect villages, level up troops and dominate the game. It is a combat strategy that allows people to compete with other players but also work in teams. Players have to make sure their camps are hard to break through and they have the strongest troops to conquer.

For beginners or those unfamiliar with the game, Clash of Clans revolves around collecting resources like gold coins and elixir. The amount resources a player has also depends on how they defend their village and conquer other parties. It also depends on how the player performs in single or multiplayer mode. When a player raids a village, they either earn or lose a trophy. Likewise, they either gain or do not.

Here are some tips to help build defenses, level up faster, protect and acquire resources in this ultimate combat strategy game.

Save Gems

One of the biggest challenges when playing online strategy games is the waiting time. Some activities or functions require players to wait a specific time. In Clash of Clans, players have to wait for their troops to get trained, for their defenses and village to be built. The app provides a certain amount of gems for beginners. However, the waiting time can prompt players to use their gems to cut the time short. As much as possible, it is best for players to wait out times they need the gem.

Clearing natural obstacles can increase gem count. Completing missions also entitle players to claim a certain amount of gems. Clash of Clans offers buildings or resources for a limited time. Gems are more useful during these occasions.

Invest on Both Offense and Defense

It is impossible to sit back and play the single player mode for long. Likewise, villages become vulnerable to raids no matter what. This prompts players to create a balance between offense and defense. For people looking to strengthen their defense, it is best to invest on the town hall. The town hall allows players to build walls, put artillery and level up other parts of the village.

The defensive structures should be there. Initially, the mortar then the cannons and the archer tower, these should comprise a sturdy defense to protect the resources. Mortar and air defense are two of the most important towers. They should be placed near the middle to protect majority of the village. Next, player should invest on resource production. Build gold minds and elixir producers. These should provide a steady supply of resources to buy troops, build defense and protect resources.

Shields Up

It can be depressing to be attacked. Fortunately, if villages get destroyed by as much 40% the app provides a 12-hour shield. If the village is wiped down up to 90%, the game provides extra shield hours. As much as possible players should not attack immediately. This will cancel out the protective shield.