People looking for the ultimate combat and strategy game can find "Clash of Clans" worth their time. The primary point of the game is to protect clans, conquer villages and train troops. Looting is the name of the game and the better players loot, the more things they can do. Nonetheless, leveling up comes with a price. Players have to protect their villagers from raids and make sure their troops are at par to conquer other parties. Fortunately, there are a number of tips and tricks players can use to make sure they survive this combat world.

Selecting a Unit

When in single player mode, players will not be able to see each level. It should be alright to start competing with several weak troops. Losing on purpose may also be a good idea to grasp the layout better. Trying out different villages and troops will give players an idea on how strong certain defenses are and what can topple them.

Getting a Three-Star Rating

Getting a three-star rating on goblin challenges can be beneficial. To obtain the rating, players have to destroy everything on the layout. This also offers maximum benefits.

Invest on Both Offense and Defense

Strengthening troops should be a priority but so is defense. Strong troops will not do if the village's defense is not strong enough. Players can raid villages especially when users are offline. If there is no proper defense, other players can loot coins and elixir easily. Players should make sure their Resource Collectors and Town Hall are protected properly. There are archer towers and cannon fire to help build defense.

Each defense can be upgraded with enough coins, gems or elixir. A builder is important in upgrading defenses as well.

Creating More Space

Prior to clearing any space, players should think about the expense it will cost. The bigger the object to destroy, the higher coin or elixir is required. Clear smaller items first and then save up for the bigger ones. Thinking about the village layout can also help players avoid unnecessary expenses.

Save Gems

Players may be tempted to use up their gems early in the game to build their troops and village fast. It is best to be patient and save the gems for future purchases. Some level up requirements or troop requirements may need the gems more than the earlier building. This will also save the user from unnecessary spending to gain more gems.

There are also a number hacks or cheats to gain unlimited gems, coins and elixir. The amount of resources gained depends on the hack used. "Clash of Clans" can be played on both smartphone and tablet. It is available on both Android and iOS.