Samsung seems intent on crushing every competitor out there. Apart from the company's ongoing rivalry with Apple, it also now appears to be going out to challenge ASUS. Recent sighting of Samsung's patent reveal the company is working on something similar to Asus Padfone.

The Korean tech giant recently filed a patent with a Padfone-like concept. The patent, categorized as D685, is dubbed supposedly as "Terminal for Wireless Communication". A few weeks back, companies like Intel, Apple and Blackberry revealed their venture into wireless charging and similar technologies. Samsung is moving in the same direction.

The design of the patent appears somewhat different from what many people would expect. The new patent describes a smartphone that can also transform into a tablet. The top half of the device has an odd shop and it fits just right with the curves of the design.

Looking at it, the device appears like tablet with smartphone portion instead of the other way around. Analysts anticipate what Asus will do after Samsung makes their device public. It is quite similar to Padfone which can heighten the competition between the two.

Asus and the rest of the market will have to wait as reports have only cited the patent. There are no announcements yet from Samsung about the true nature of the device including the features.

Samsung always has something up its sleeve whenever something new comes in the market. The idea of Padfone finally having a competitor can be interesting. Consumers will have to wait until Samsung dishes out the details to see which the new patent will come up against.