With the holidays fast approaching, the search for the best toys continues. Considering the number of iPod touch or iPad owners, it is interesting to find the variety of toys that people can control and play with. Below are the coolest iPad and iPhone-controlled toys people can buy for Christmas.


For those looking for affordable remote-controlled toys, you can find Desk Pets-manufactured Battle Tank as a good deal. The toy works with Android and iOS devices. BattleTank is available for $30. Users must download a corresponding app to connect their iOS device on the toy. They can choose from two play modes: battle mode and drone mode.

Battle mode allows users to slow their tanks down when hit by an enemy. Drone mode allows users to chase enemies. It is best to buy two to play against a friend. Users can also buy three units to put them in drone mode. This will give two units to play and one unit to serve as the enemy. Drone mode lets players chase another BattleTank device as enemy. There is a flip-down USB connector that allows people to plug the device to their Mac for charging.

iLaunch Thunder

For those looking for a toy rocket launcher, you will find the iLaunch Thunder a great find. The foam missile launcher goes up to 40 degrees and rotates 270 degrees. It can release foam missiles as far as 25 feet away. The toy launches foam darts on air-powered pistons. The entire thing works with a rechargeable lithium battery. People can fire it anywhere they want. The toy connects to iOS devices via Bluetooth. There is also an app downloadable for free at the App Store.

Rover 2.0 Spy Tank

The Rover 2.0 Spy Tank lets people be a spy for a day or at least spy-like. The spy drone can be controlled via WiFi instead of Bluetooth. There is a built-in night vision making it easier to see in the dark. People can also stream videos as they record. Users can share their videos through social networking sites through the toy's app. One downside of the toy is that people need constant access to the WiFi to make it work. Unless there is WiFi, it is impossible to control the toy with any iOS device.