A new GTA Online update (Title Update 1.05) on character progress loss and the release of the stimulus package will reportedly happen on the 2nd week of November 2013.

An update on Rockstar Games' Web site about the details on the progress loss issues of GTA online characters and the promised stimulus package was seen. Here is what it says:

Update (Nov. 1): "Currently, we expect the next title update (1.05) addressing player progress loss issues to be available sometime early next week. After that, we hope to deliver everyone's GTA$ Stimulus Package before the end of next week. A big thank you to GTA Online players worldwide for your continued patience and understanding and we will continue to keep you all updated," Rockstar Games posted.

Rockstar Games previously posted that they are working on the title update by fixing and tweaking the game details. Then, they will distribute the cash to the GTA online players.

Aside from the stimulus package and the new Title Update 1.05, Rockstar Games noted GTA online players should be on the lookout this November for the launch of the Beach Bum Pack, the Content Creator and Social Club Event Weekends.

Rockstar Games also advised GTA online players to log into the Support Site and Click Subscribe (Click here to visit the page) if they want to receive automatic e-mail notification about new information regarding updates on the loss of characters, apartments, items, ranks and/or in-game money in GTA online.

To further improve GTA Online, Rockstar Games is asking GTA online players to email GTAOnline@rockstargames.com for feedback and suggestions because they are currently evaluating direct player feedback for consideration.

Fans of GTA Online will surely be happy to hear about this new update (Title Update 1.05). The long wait is almost over. Now, they can fully enjoy the game because of the additional perks and improvements. The cash hand-out is one of the most anticipated updates that the GTA online players are looking forward to. If only it were that easy to earn cash in real life.

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