How To Become A More Interesting Person?

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Anyone can be interesting. If you feel like you have nothing to bring to the table at a dinner party, it might be time to start sharpening your conversational skills. This guide will teach you how to be more interesting.

Develop new skills

One of the keys to being interesting is having something to talk about. If you want to avoid talking about what you saw on TV last night, you should think about developing new skills. This can be anything from carpentry to online gambling, as long as it gives you something to talk about.

Be curious

Curious people are often the most interesting. When someone is telling you a story, ask questions. Then, actually listen to the answer. If you show interest in someone else, they are more likely to find you interesting. You should also attempt to be more curious in general. Read more books, ask more questions, and take an interest in the world around you.

Learn how to tell a good story

Telling a good story is a skill. Some people are natural storytellers, others have to learn the hard way. However, the common thing is that good storytellers are all interesting people. The art of telling a good story is in the details. Identify the interesting details in a story and tell it over and over again until you have it nailed. Also, remember to be confident when telling a story.

Have three good stories ready to share

If you often feel like you have nothing to say, you should prepare three good stories that you can tell. Think about the most common questions that people ask (e.g. what do you do for a living). Then, prepare an interesting story to tell in reply. Interesting people always add information when they are answering a question. They don’t just go for the easy answer.

Ask insightful questions

People love to talk about themselves. So let them. Learn how to ask insightful questions about people’s lives and you will start engaging conversations. Instead of asking what someone does for a living, ask them what their dream job is.

Be passionate

Passion is both interesting and attractive. People that really care about what they do are very engaging. If you want to be more interesting, you need to learn to show passion. This will come across when you’re talking.

Be self-deprecating

You need to learn to laugh at yourself and invite laughter at yourself. This is called being self-deprecating. This puts people at ease and shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Truly interesting people are passionate and full of information, but they don’t put themselves on a pedestal.

Read a lot

One of the most obvious ways to become more interesting is to read (a lot). The more information you take in, the more you will have to talk about. You can recommend books to people, debate different ideas, and start conversations easily. Reading is the path to becoming an interesting person. Try swapping an hour of TV every night with an hour of reading. It’s not much but it will make a huge difference to your life. 

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