Philippine Earthquake 6.8 Buries Homes (PHOTOS)

Central Philippines has been trembled by an earthquake Monday with a magnitude of 6.8. The calamity has damaged buildings and caused landslides that covered 30 houses with soil resulting to the death of 13 people.

PHOTOS:India Celebrates Its 63rd Republic Day

The 63rd Republic Day was celebrated in India. India is a country known for its diversity, colour and vibrant and here are billions of people with so many languages, religions, customs and traditions.
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Welcoming 2012 [PHOTOS]

Welcoming 2012 may be varied in different areas around the world, but such a celebration holds one common practice - to party and make noise! It's the time to be happy and cheerful.

Top Five Robot Gift Suggestions for the Holidays

Robots make for fantastic gifts this holiday season. Even if your giftee is no mad scientist, robots still make for cool and unique gifts. Robots are readily available in many retail stores and websites. Owning robots isn't the just for scientists and the ultra-rich. Here are some affordable robots for Christmas.

Miss Ecuador is Miss Earth 2011 (PHOTOS)

On Saturday, Dec. 3, the 2011 Miss Earth pageant was held at the U.P. Theatre located in Diliman Quezon City. It was Miss Ecuador, Olga Alva, who shone the most and bagged the major prize

Best Celebrity Weddings of 2011 [PHOTOS]

2011 was a year full of various surprises which include weddings everywhere. With royals, actors, models, and singers taking the plunge and diving into a life of long term commitment.

Kate Middleton: The Look Book [PHOTOS]

The Duchess of Cambridge has become one of the most followed fashion icons of this year, and here's a style guide so everyone can dress like a royal as well.

Kate Middleton's Worst Looks [PHOTOS]

The Duchess might be one of the most fashionable icons of the present world, but it doesn't mean she does not have her bad days when it comes to style.

Biomimicry: Designing the Future with Mother Nature’s Help

From robot snakes to breathable mattresses designed after honeycombs, more innovative designs are using the art and science of biomimicry. The field of biomimicry has already given consumers hundreds of products and devices that are based on nature.

Top 6 Unusual Vending Machines Around the World

Vending machines have come a long way from their roots. From their simple beginning as a way to sell postcards in the late 1880s, vending machines now sell everything from a pack of gum to shiny new cars.

Auctioned Online: A Collection of Late Actress Elizabeth Taylor's Jewellery Collection [Jewerly Collection Photos]

Elizabeth Taylor's love affair with jewellery rivals that of her love affair with men and is as famous as the Hollywood icon herself. This year, auction house Christie's is doing something a little different by auctioning off her jewellery online. The "Crown Jewels of Hollywood" collection will be divided into halves; an estimated 1,000 pieces will be auctioned online, something that he house has never done before.

These Celebrities Can’t Get Enough of Yoga’s Benefits

By this time, everyone's heard of all the good things yoga does to one's body but it doesn't hurt to brush up on the reasons why this activity does more than just your average exercise program. Many celebrities often endorse yoga's advantages such as stress relief, pain relief, better breathing and flexibility among others.