Transit of Venus 2012: Supercool Photos, Videos and Comments from Scientists

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The Transit of Venus has long been completed, but some Earthlings are still thrilled by having observed the rare event. They have a thousand more images to see before their sense of awe over the cosmic event could die down.

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the scientists who shouted out on Twitter the relevance of the Transit of Venus in modern day space study.

5 Jun @neiltyson: Venus Transit is historically significant because you can derive the solar system's size from precision timing of the event.

5 Jun @neiltyson: Later today, for nearly six hours, sunlight we receive dims by 0.1% as Venus crosses Earth's line of sight to the Sun.

Kevin Ward, who works at NASA's Earth Observatory, took the time to use an old school telescope from his dad to watch the transit from outside his home. He says the rare twice-in-a-lifetime transit is a "very cool event."

During NASA's coverage via NASA EDGE on Tuesday, scientists discussed how great it is that Venus Transit 2012 is being observed with all the technology in the modern times. For one, NASA's live webcasts are accessible to millions more of people due to a faster and more reliable internet connection at homes today. The situation was not exactly the same in June 2004, when the first Venus transit in this lifetime happened.

The next pair of transits will be seen in December 2117 and December 2025 by a different generation under different, perhaps with a lot more sophisticated technology.

Watch this amazing video featuring the images collected by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) on Tuesday during the Transit of Venus.

This next video show the images seen from Cairns in Queensland, Australia, captured by the GLORIA Project.

Click 'Start' to view images collected by IB Times from Flickr photographers who participated at The NASA Venus Transit Observing Challenge Pool and some screen captures from NASA EDGE webcast on Tuesday.

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