Perth Tornado: Massive Cloud Formations, Ominous Images Captured in the Suburbs

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A relatively small tornado hit the north-eastern suburbs Dianella and Morley in Perth Thursday noon, leaving a nasty trail of damage and causing power blackouts.

Trees were uprooted, cars were damaged, power lines fell down and roofs flew mid air in the height of the tornado, which unleashed about 10 minutes of fury.

The Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed that a tornado was spotted in the Tuart Hill/Morley/Dianella area just after midday Thursday. At 12.45pm (WST) the storm that formed this tornado was in Bickley and moving southeast, reported.

Power lines were being restored in the affected areas as of Thursday night, while emergency crews were clearing the mess left by the tornado.
The cause of the damage is expected to be over $1million, reported Perth Now.

Dean Liddalcable told Perth Now of the sight he witnessed Thursday:
"I looked outside in the distance, I saw this big column of debris coming closer and I had to yell at a neighbour to quickly get inside his house… It was like something out of a movie. Half of my neighbour's patio is in my yard.''

Bureau of Metrology spokesman Neil Bennett said Perth may experience up to nine weather systems that can potentially produce tornadoes between May and October every year.

YouTube user oonst also uploaded this video Thursday. It shows the ominous sky, as the cloud forms ground-bound to bring destruction on its path.

User FoxInOz also uploaded a 10-second clip titled, “I survived the Morley, Perth tornado of 2012!” The user indicated catching the terror sight in Morley.

User STEELMUTT79 also uploaded Thursday a clip of a tornado titled, “tornado in perth.mp4,” but there was no other note as to where specifically was it taken. This image can be seen in the video:

Another clip, “Perth torado just went by” shows the following image, supposedly taken after the tornado has dissipated.

Click ‘Start’ to view images from Perth tornado clips uploaded to YouTube Thursday.

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