Best Place and Time to Witness the 2012 Leonid Meteor Shower

On November 17, the Leonid meteor shower will be visible under the dark skies with estimated 10-15 meteors per hour during its peak at 3 a.m. EST. Viewers should pick a nice spot in order to witness the rare event as the meteor shower shoot across the skies of Florissant, Waukee and Chicago.

Total Solar Eclipse 2012: 10 of the Best Photos Uploaded to Instagram [PHOTOS]

The visibility of the total solar eclipse in Cairns, Queensland in Australia had been a much anticipated event for "umbraphiles," or those who travel across the world to chase eclipses. Click on the accompanying slideshow to see some 10 of the best solar eclipse photos uploaded to Instagram during and right after the eclipse.

Solar Eclipse in Australia Attracts Travelers

People who wish to see the amazing two-minute solar eclipse have started gathering on the far north of Queensland. On November 14, shortly after dawn at 6:30am, the Australian sky will grow darker as the moon passes in front of the sun. Without any weather disturbance, the sky-gazers will witness a black disk in the sky with the sun’s shining halo surrounding it.
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Halloween Family Cosplay Suggestions on 9GAG Memes

Trick or Treat? Many users of the meme website have uploaded cosplay images in honour of their favorite pop icons and characters. Here is a small compilation of cosplay photos that you and your family can use as a reference for your upcoming "Trick or Treat."

Funny Memes: The Humour of the Nerds and the Geeks

"Smart is the new sexy," says the hit CBS sitcom about geek scientists, "The Big Bang Theory," one of the best comedy series today. Brainy people can be very funny, indeed. Perhaps the reason why there are several nerd and geek memes making the rounds on the internet is because the funniest memes are created by the nerds and the geeks themselves.

10 of the Best ‘Keep Calm’ Memes for any Situation

“Keep calm and carry on,” is one of the most popular memes permeating social networks. Its varieties are typically witty if not notoriously hilarious. “Keep Calm” memes are so ubiquitous in social networks, that it is hard to imagine any situation that does not have a matching “keep calm” meme.

Fresco Jesus: Funny Twitter Photos Gone Viral after ‘Worst Art Restoration’ [PHOTOS]

Twitter user ‘Fresco Jesus’ became an internet sensation after a Spanish grandmother tried-but-failed to restore a 120-year-old church fresco. The century-old artwork, titled “Ecce Homo” (Behold The Man), features a sorrowful Jesus Christ wearing a crown of thorns and looking up to the heavens. The 'worst restoration' has been dubbed, “Ecce Mono” (Behold the Monkey).

6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Italy: Updated Information and Pictures

A 6.0 magnitude earthquake recently hit the north-central part of Italy which caused the death of at least 6 people and injured at least 50 individuals. The earthquake also caused the collapse of numerous historical architecture sites like castles, clock towers, and churches.

Australia Ranked 7th Worst Polluter on Earth

Conservation group World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has compiled the latest report how countries balance economic growth with ecological conservation and Australia is in the top 10, closely behind the United States and the Arab nations Qatar, Kuwait, and the UAE.

Mobile World Congress 2012: New Smartphones Unveiled

The Mobile World Congress 2012 held in Barcelona, Spain, had a good start as more than 60,000 companies in the telecommunications industry gathered to showcase new technology to the market. One of the most talked about gadgets during the event was the new smartphones launched by different companies.