Total Solar Eclipse 2012: 10 of the Best Photos Uploaded to Instagram [PHOTOS]

Observers documented eclipse on Twitter, Instagram
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The visibility of the total solar eclipse in Cairns, Queensland in Australia had been a much anticipated event for "umbraphiles," or those who travel across the world to chase eclipses.

Total Solar Eclipse in Cairns: Where to Watch Online, 12 Things Observers Need to Know

All the efforts and careful planning of eclipse observers paid off when the solar eclipse reached totality and Cairns in North Queensland was soaked in the shadow of the moon.

The eclipse reached totality around 6.39am (AEST) in Cairns, where many travelers had gone camping for the astronomical event.

Observers generally enjoyed the view, with many shutterbugs sharing awe-inspiring photos via Instagram.

Total Solar Eclipse November 2012: Watch Online Webcasts, Tweet Photos [VIDEO]

Click on the accompanying slideshow to see some 10 of the best solar eclipse photos uploaded to Instagram during and right after the eclipse.

Total Solar Eclipse 2012 on Twitter

Instagram is not the only digital service program that got busy Wednesday. Twitter received updates from its users who reported an interesting mix of insights and observations. See some samples below:

There'a a total eclipse in Australia... or as they call it down under a "Krikey Billagum Sun Gone Wallonga Moon Dunny!" - @SarcasticRover

Just catching the last part of the #solareclipse from Laverton, Western Australia. - Tim ‏@thefourthdegree

A surreal feeling as the natural light begins to dull significantly #solareclipse - Melanie Jayne Bevan ‏@MelibuNZ

Is it just me or is it getting dark? #solareclipse - Brad Symes ‏@bsymes

Solar eclipse viewing achieved at the train station! That was pretty cool. Probably looked odd, though. #pinholeftw #solareclipse - Jo ‏@twelveeyes

The best way to see the partial #solareclipse in Brisbane is through the shadow of trees. -@dapperdarren

My son's quote about the moments after the eclipse "it looks like pacman" #solareclipse #eclipse - Phillip Engstrom ‏@LuckyPhil01

So eerie how the temperature dropped with the #solareclipse - Christine McDonald ‏@Clubby_R8

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