Venus Transit 2012 Ultimate Photo Compilation: 8 Awesome Photos from Around the World (PHOTOS)

Awesome Photos from Flickr's The NASA Venus Transit Observing Challenge Pool
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The Transit of Venus has begun at 22:09 UTC on June 5th (8:09 a.m. June 6th in Australia) and photos of the astronomical phenomenon have surfaced on social networks to celebrate the last Venus transit in this lifetime.

We took a look at the photos being uploaded to Flickr, particularly those in The NASA Venus Transit Observing Challenge Pool.

The webcast at the NASA Edge channel made a special mention of the creative stream, Scientists were amazed at  the images that are coming through from different parts of the world.

This slideshow features some of the best Venus transit photos from different parts of the world, included with permission from the photographers. Different weather conditions and sky clarity levels render different effects to the cosmic sight, making it even more fascinating.

Kian Kamyab (naikbaymak) from North Carolina has a poetic image of what seems to be billows of smoke eating up the sun. You would also see sunspots indicating solar activities during the Venus transit. He used a Canon EOS 7D.

Osvaldo Quintero (Osvaldo2010) also caught a captivating image showing a thick cloud formation making an attempt to cover the sun during Venus transit. He took the photo at The Causeway at Amador, near the Panama Canal's Pacific entrance.

Quintero said the weather and condition in Panama were "somewhat cloudy, hot, humid, but with a good view towards the western horizon looking into the sunset...and the Venus transit!"

Ray Skwire (phillybits) from Philadelphia captured two interesting images of the dotted sun, one is seen in his camera's LCD, and the other features a dramatic bird silhouette above a body of shimmering water.

Kevin Saker (randomdumping) took his photos from Monticello, Indiana using a Canon EOS 40D.

Andrea O'Brien (Andrea_OB), says observing the Venus transit for her is "extraordinary." She used a Nikon Coolpix P100.

"I will remember this event for the rest of my life," she said.

Jeff Stewart (PhotosByJefeGrower) went for a classic look in his image.

Mr Stewart writes, the Venus transit "may help scientists, physicists, and engineers gain increased knowledge on celestial happenings. More specifically how we as humans can begin to identify other Earth-like planets across the cosmos. There is so much more we don't know out there that may be able to help us evolve into the next level of consciousness."

Kristjan Kristinsson (krik) caught a magical image from Iceland with a Canon EOS 7D. By looking at the photo, you get mixed feelings of awe, fear, and inspiration.

Kevin Ward (klaward), from NASA, also contributed his photos to the Flickr pool featuring his dad's old telescope.

"It did not look like the weather was going to cooperate here in Portland, Oregon, but when it finally cleared and the time was right, I just ran outside, setup the old telescope handed down from my dad, and voila -- Venus!" Mr. Ward told IB Times.

Click 'Start' to enjoy some of the best Venus transit photos at Flickr's The NASA Venus Transit Observing Challenge Pool.

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