Solar Eclipse 2012: Ring of Fire Photos on Twitter and Facebook

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The annular solar eclipse was observed in Asia and the United States on Monday, May 21st.

Solar eclipse takes place when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun.

In contrast to a total eclipse, an annular solar provides an image of a ring of fire when the sun's light is blocked by the passing moon. This means light still shines in the shape of a ring, because the moon is not able to cover the sun fully.

"A bright ring around the sun at mideclipse is still pretty cool," Geoff Chester of the US Naval Observatory told the media.

In the past, the elders spoke of superstitions that looking at an eclipse is a bad luck because darkness is prevailing when it shouldn't be. In modern times, people are merely advised to observe safety measures when watching the eclipse to protect their sight. A welder's mask and an exposed X-ray film are commonly recommended as eye protection when watching the spectacular phenomenon.

In Tokyo, school children went out wearing solar viewers to watch the moon's approach as it covers the center part of the sun from Earth's view.

The annular solar eclipse made an amazing sight in Tokyo, and its photo can be viewed in this slideshow.

Also in this slideshow, a photo of the solar eclipse projected through nature's pinholes makes an interesting creative work.

@USelaine Solar tweets, Solar eclipse projected through the 'pinholes', made by oak leaves, on my shed door.

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