Melbourne Zoo Unveils New Photo Of Baby Pygmy Hippopotamus [WATCH VIDEO]

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IN PHOTO: Zookeepers feed Monifa, a three-week-old pygmy hippopotamus, in its enclosure at Taronga Zoo in Sydney November 7, 2008. Monifa was born on October 15 after a difficult breach birth and zookeepers made the decision to intervene and raise the female calf. Reuters/Daniel Munoz

The Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens, which is also known as the Melbourne Zoo has released its first photo of the baby Pygmy Hippopotamus that was born there on Monday. The yet-to-be-named baby Pygmy Hippo's parents are Felix and Petre, two hippos who are also residents of Melbourne Zoo. Read on to learn more about Felix and Petre's new hippo calf.

A picture of the baby Pygmy Hippopotamus was posted on Melbourne Zoo's official Facebook page on Wednesday. The photo includes some information about the new calf as well as its parents. It is Petre's fourth baby, while it is Felix's first calf. Petre's other baby hippos with another mate were born at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. 

"Petre is showing herself to be a very good and attentive mother, and the calf is feeding at frequent intervals. Our team are yet to determine whether the calf is a boy or girl. Stay tuned for further updates," the caption on the Facebook photo states.

The official website of Zoos Victoria also states that the new hippo calf is the first Pygmy Hippopotamus that was born in Melbourne Zoo since 1981. While the gender of the pygmy hippopotamus is still unknown, it appears as if it is likely to be a male, according to the zookeepers. Dr. Sarah Frith, a Melbourne Zoo veterinarian, will be responsible for weighing the baby hippo.

A video of Petre giving birth on Monday was posted on YouTube on Thursday. Melbourne Zoo Director Kevin Tanner spoke about their excitement over the calf's arrival. The other Pygmy Hippo Keepers including Justin Valentine also commented on their anticipation for Felix and Petre's new baby.

Dr. Frith also said that Petre was strong and that she was "gentle and encouraging" to her baby. She estimated the baby hippo's weight to be about 5 kilograms. But they will be certain of its actual weight as soon as they are able to handle the calf.

The Pygmy Hippopotamus (Scientific Name: Choeropsis liberiensis) is a nocturnal and reclusive animal that is native to West Africa. It is usually found in the swamps and forests of Liberia, Guinea, Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone.

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