Croc And Hippo Battle For Supremacy In South Africa [VIDEO]

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(IN PHOTO) A herd of hippopotamus sleep on the bank of Mara river in Masai Mara National Reserve October 8, 2014. Reuters

The battle was initially between a wildebeest, or also known as gnu, and a hungry crocodile. The reptile saw the female gnu stopping by a watering hole in South Africa a drink when the croc spotted its next meal and grabbed and dragged the gun into the water.

However, a hippo saw the struggle and joined the fray as it tried to steal the gnu from the croc, resulting in an epic battle eventually won by the croc, reports Neil Goodes, a retired Australian CEO of a pharmaceutical firm who went on a safari in Sabi Sands. The Aussie captured the battle for supremacy in photos published by The Telegraph.

The struggle lasted for about 60 minutes. At one point, it appeared that there was an opportunity for the wildebeest to escape when the hippo came in to assert its territory. Goodes notes that the battle between the beasts was rather quiet as the hour of animal fight was marked only by the “thrashing noise of the struggle.”

“You hoped the wildebeest would escape and when the hippo moved in you thought that might happen … It was unsettling to watch this struggle unfold over the course of nearly an hour,” the New York Post quotes Goodes.

The retired Aussie CEO said what he witnesses was a reminder of the delicate balance between life and death. But at the same time, while watching the epic battle, he admitted that mentally, he substituted the gnu with his favourite politician.

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