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World War III Update: Survey says 48% of Russians fear Syria crisis could trigger war

While the ongoing Cold War between Russia and the US has inspired developers to create an interactive Red Button Quest game which Russians are playing, almost half of the country’s population actually fear the Syria situation could trigger a global war. A survey by the Levada Center polling agency found that 48 percent of Russians fear the breakdown in relations between Moscow and the west could least to a third world war.

World War III Update: Cold War inspires interactive Red Button Quest game in Russia

Since speculations of a World War III, started in mid-October after We Are Anonymous claimed that Pentagon had admitted a global war is imminent, rumors have lessened despite deployment of Russian warships. On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin assured the country would not attack anyone, although NATO is apparently building up forces in the Baltic region despite the assurance.

World War III Update: Experts say 5 of Russia’s Satan missiles could destroy US east coast & kill 4 million people

Experts warn that if Russia would unleash just five of its SS-18 missile, also known as the Satan, it could destroy the east coast of the US and kill more than 4 million people. Russia is believed to have 55 Satans, its most powerful missile, part of the largest nuclear stockpile in the world which could make the nuclear bombs dropped during World War II in Japan pale in comparison.

World War III Update: Russian official says air attacks on Aleppo in 2 weeks Moscow strategy to declare victory in Syria & trigger nuclear war

NATO just warned that the Russian warships cruising near the North Sea is part of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plan to end the civil war in Syria and declare victory for himself and Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. Within two weeks they foresee Moscow launching a massive assault in the run up to the deciding battle or the proxy war between the US and Russia.

World War III Update: Putin’s suspension of treaty with Washington on cleaning up weapons signals willingness to use nuclear disarmament as bargaining chip

The threat of a global war looms after Russian President Vladimir Putin suspended on Monday a treaty with Washington on the clean-up of weapons-grade plutonium, indicating his willingness to use nuclear disarmament to bargain with the US over Ukraine and Syria. Ironically, on Oct 7, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro just awarded Putin the Hugo Chavez Prize for Peace and Sovereignty of the People.

World War III update: Putin launches nuclear missiles from submarine in Barents Sea, sparks fear of global war

Fears of a third global war were further stoked on Thursday after Russia launched from a submarine in the Barents Sea the Topol missile, the fastest in the world, as part of a series of ballistics test. However, on the same day, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered all officials with relatives living overseas to fly them back to Russia because of heightened tensions on the prospect of World War III.

We Are Anonymous claims Pentagon has admitted World War III is imminent

We Are Anonymous, the group behind the hacking of government websites, claims that Pentagon has admitted that World War III is around the corner. Other groups also see in the statement of Marine Gen Joseph Dunford, commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that the US must declare war on Syria and Russia to implement a “no-fly zone” over Syria.

2 strips of daily bacon boosts chances of stomach cancer by 18%

The list of the negative effects of eating bacon regularly, on top of colon cancer and male infertility, has just expanded. A new study claims daily ingestion of the favourite breakfast fare of two strips increases chances of non-cardia stomach cancer by 18 percent.