Fallout 4
The Dogmetal mod for "Fallout 4" transforms DogMeat into a robotic companion. Nexus Mods

Recently, fans have spotted a signup post for the upcoming Creation Kit for “Fallout 4.” Not much is known about the progress of the signups, as it has since been taken down. All that it hints is that the developer may be ready to open up the private beta to more players of “Fallout 4.”

The finding was sighted by Polygon, which reported that a previously-open thread had asked fans to register for an invite-only testing for the PC. Candidates should have also been signed up for the DLC beta complete with a non-disclosure agreement on the content and feedback.

As of now, it is not yet confirmed whether Bethesda has already filled out available slots, or if the sighting was a premature launch of the beta expansion. While waiting for the modding kit, “Fallout 4” fans may want to explore some new fan-made mods for the PC version.

‘The Walking Dead’ in ‘Fallout 4’

Season six may be over and done with for “The Walking Dead,” but fans can go back to the first season via “Fallout 4.” Modder UpIsNotJump is at it again, this time with a recreation of the trailer for “The Walking Dead.”

VG 247 spotted the trailer featuring the mod alongside a comparison with the actual trailer from the original series. While the likes of Rick and Morgan are not exactly look-alikes of their respective actors Andrew Lincoln and Lennie James or even the zombies, it does present a really cool take to bring back the nostalgia from the first season. There’s even a neat and proper dubbing for the “Fallout 4” to make it extra believable.

Camping system

Modder fadingsignal has created a new Campside System over at Nexus Mods, a project that has grown to encompass a couple of fun features to prepare fans for the upcoming Survival Mode.

The Campsite mod adds a craftable items like tents, sleeping bags, cloth wall, fires, lanterns and cooking pots. According to the creator, all of these items have their own unique gameplay dynamics, animations and even sounds.

The mod will add a Camping Gear category at the chem station. In the Nexus page, the modder has listed all of the new items that can be created, as well as the general instructions on how to go about crafting and camping.

DogMetal, the robot dog companion

Even DogMeat can get his very own makeover with the DogMetal mod from Dlx. As the name suggests, DogMeat will take on a more robotic appearance that makes him fit even more with the Wasteland—and the new Automatron DLC apparently.

The features of the DogMetal companion allows it to have twice the damage, more HP, have heavy armour, immunity to radiation and poison and can do sneak attacks. It even has a cool more robotic voice overall. The mod also allows the robotic DogMetal to have different colours for its eyes.

To top it all off, there different armours offered to make DogMetal even more protected, albeit scary as well. It’s a great way to give DogMeat a new look—and a new overall existence, to be honest.

"The Walking Dead" trailer on "Fallout 4" (Credit: YouTube/UpIsNotJump)