Survival—or Survivor—Modes are fast becoming a thing in some games. As the name suggests, it will take the challenge of the game one notch higher. And in some of the recent titles, this mode is about to become the main event.

Surviving gets harder in the wild of ‘Far Cry Primal’

As if the challenge of surviving in the prehistoric era was not enough, Ubisoft is about to make the Stone Age of “Far Cry Primal” even harder to deal with. The Survivor Mode for the game will be rolled out as part of a free patch come April 12.

Announced via the official blog, this comes hand-in-hand with permadeath, which makes it so that player can only live once, quite literally, in the game. There is a one backup life option, but only if the player reaches certain completion points.

“We’ve also decided to make this combo of Survivor and permadeath available at any difficulty level, so even players that don’t necessarily like to play extremely hard difficulty modes can still enjoy the change of experience in Survivor, and also try permadeath if they want to,” said ‘Far Cry Primal’ game director Thomas Simon in the blog.

As if these aren’t enough, “Far Cry Primal” hero Takkar will also be more “human” in that he is now weaker, has a stamina gauge that runs out and needs replenishing and requires time to actually craft ammo. All of these will make the experience of surviving even more real.

‘Metal Gear Online’ Survival mode availability announced

Konami has finally released the details linked to its Survival Mode for “Metal Gear Online.” The update that’s expected to launch on April 7 will bring in the new Survival Match Mode, announced over the Konami blog.

What the mode does is it allows Survival pits six-player teams into consecutive matches, with the aim of getting a win streak of five or more matches for special rewards. There is a catch as to how many times a player will be able to access the Survival Mode.

The mode is essentially available to all players, but only for 10 attempts per week. However, the developer is offering an incentive for those who get the Cloaked in Silence DLC. Owners of the expansion will get an unlimited number of attempts for the Survival Mode.

The update will aim to sway even more player, as it will let players sample the new maps that are include in Cloaked in Silence. A video below shows off the Survival Mode in action.

More ‘Fallout 4’ Survival Mode details revealed

The beta for the Survival Mode of “Fallout 4” is already out for Steam, but Bethesda is giving fans more sneak peeks of what’s to come. Some new information has been revealed pointing to the importance of sleep for those in the Wasteland.

According to a report from GamesRadar, the quality of beds plays a role in the overall sleep quality. While an entire day’s worth of wandering in the wasteland does require a power nap, it will need to be done in a proper bed as it adds to the health the player will regain afterwards.

The Survival Mode in “Fallout 4” will operate with four main pillars in mind. Strategy, Resource Management, Exploration and Role Playing will all be important aspect that players should consider before diving into the challenge of the mode. This will make gameplay even more interesting, as it puts a very human touch to way survival will be executed in “Fallout 4.”

"Metal Gear Online" survival mode (Credit: YouTube/Konami)