As the title suggests, everything about “Far Cry Primal” is just that—primal and raw. This is what the developer has been going for when it comes to creating the overall atmosphere of the game.

Speaking with Game Informer, “Far Cry Primal’ Lead Writer Kevin Shortt confirmed that the players will be faced with the immediate and basic concerns. In this case, it’s all about reuniting lead character Takkar with his Wenja tribe, finding food and shelter and surviving.

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This takes the game on a new level without taking the feel of “Far Cry” out of context. In fact, according to the source, it even goes with the theme of surviving a hostile environment, only this time, it’s more primitive than what fans have known and experienced in the franchise.

In a hands-on of the game, Metro attested to the “Far Cry” vibe is not far away from the newest installment. However, what’s known for the other titles are the guns and the vehicles, which are both absent now. That’s not to say that there are no compensations, since clubs, bows and arrows can be fashioned in the game. And the upgrade department for the weapon is not lacking at all.

“Far Cry Primal” is set to debut this month. Already, Ubisoft is teasing the preorder bonus, a DLC titled Legend of the Mammoth, and one that brings three exclusive missions to the game. Interestingly, instead of being a companion in the game, the player will actually have to take on the role of a mammoth and survive in the wild, VG 247 reported. A sneak peek, seen below, shows how the player becomes a mammoth.

The DLC is interesting, to say the least, as it changes the way players will fight and survive in “Far Cry Primal” completely. Though looking at the point of view of the mammoth, it looks more like the player is riding on its back rather than taking on the consciousness of a mammoth.

The additional DLC is actually a surprising move. The developer has previously promised access to the missions and DLC for every copy of the Collector’s Edition. Now it can be obtained with a copy of “Far Cry Primal.”

“Far Cry Primal” will launch on the PS4 and Xbox One on Feb. 23. The PC version will come in a little later on March 1.

"Far Cry Primal" mammoth DLC preorder (Credit: YouTube/Ubisoft UK)