Street Fighter V
Each of the characters in "Street Fighter V" will get a character story illustrated by Japanese artist Bengus. PlayStation Blog

“Street Fighter V” fans are already abuzz with the launch of the game. Already, there are those who have been keeping a close watch on the Steam unlock date for the release. Additionally, the schedule for the launch event and midnight release for the game has been announced.

For those who have yet to get a copy of the game, the remaining few character intros have already been released. VG 247 has compiled all of three more intros, including Birdie, Dhalsim and Chun-Li. The format for the videos follow previous trailers, introducing the character, showing off the V-Trigger and V-Skill, giving points as to why the character should be used and basically showcasing a lot of gameplay.

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Chun-Li’s gameplay shows off her multiple attacks special against Rainbow Mika and Cammy. The barrage of attacks will surely make her one of the more favourite playable characters. Not to mention that Chun-Li has become one of the more popular—if not the most popular—faces for female fighters in “Street Fighter V.”

Additionally, the source features a bonus video, seen below, which brings up the hype level of “Street Fighter V.” The trailer is set in Japan, where it shows gamers enjoying the new title. A few gameplay sneaks are scattered all over the video for those who want to see more footage of “Street Fighter V.”

Despite all the hype, however, it appears that the actual game has a lot of aspects lacking to make it a truly notable “Street Fighter” addition to the franchise. Forbes reported that players will not be able to access the Arcade Mode, a classic that has been around since the early ‘90s.

Arcade Mode is not the only thing missing from “Street Fighter V.” The Guardian noted that a couple of items on the menu are still grayed out, including Challenge mode, while others still like the Story Mode do not feel complete or fleshed out. There is no Trials to earn Fight Money, there is only a limited support for Online battle lobbies and the premium currency Zenny is also still no usable.

Capcom did mention that the team is planning to support “Street Fighter V.” That includes free DLC characters that can be obtained via gameplay alone. However, the hype that had fans going may not necessarily be evident now, not until the developer adds more content to the game.

"Street Fighter V" trailer (Credit: YouTube/Capcom Channel)