The Pokemon Jirachi will be available this April, while Darkrai is the Mythical Pokemon for May. The Pokemon Company

More Pokemon are up for grabs as the celebration of its 20th anniversary continues. For the majority of April, the Mythical Pokemon Distribution is giving away Jirachi until April 24.

April’s Mythical Pokemon, Jirachi, is a Steel- and Psychic-type, which can be good for battles involving Mythical Pokemon. According to the official Pokemon website, the Wish Pokemon has two moves that it can learn by powering up. These are Wish and Healing Wish.

The first move entails healing for Jirachi or any its teammates, giving him the perfect support role for battles against heavy attackers. One way to enhance Jirachi’s power is to teach it the Thunder Wave and Iron Head, which can cause paralysis and a flinching effect on the opponent. Combining these will let Jirachi use its Wish to restore HP and Leftover for slow recovery as the opponent is paralysed by the previous attack.

Healing Wish is a strategic move, as entails some good timing. The effect will cause Jirachi to get knocked out, so the best time to do this would be when its HP is already low. Ideally, the Pokemon that will be switched in can also be one that already has low HP and status conditions, as these will be restored and cured respectively.

Next month will welcome in Darkrai, which will be available at selected GameStop stores from May 1 to 24. This is a great Mythical Pokemon, and one that has been a staple in Pokemon Global Link tournaments like the Enter the Dragon competition.

Also coming in for May is a treat for those who are collecting Legendary Pokemon. The Pokemon Company is handing out download codes for three of this starting May, Polygon reported.

Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos are available for download for those who are part of the Trainer Club newsletter. All three Legendary Pokemon will have hidden ability each. Additionally, these are supposedly versions of the Legendaries that cannot be obtainable in-game.

Signups for the newsletter is ongoing until April 22 for those who are interested in getting the promo. Come May, download codes can be used on the “Pokemon X,” “Pokemon Y,” “Pokemon Omega Ruby” or “Pokemon Alpha Sapphire” titles.

As a teaser, The Pokemon Company has also released a new video showcasing the Pokemon Trio of Legendaries, seen below.

Mythical Pokemon Trio for April (Credit: YouTube/Pokemon Channel)