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"Pokémon Go” Plus devices that will be compatible with "Pokémon Go” Pokemon official website

Field testing for “Pokemon GO” is finally expanding. The Pokemon Company and Niantic Labs have revealed that the next area where it will be conducting the next batch of testing will be in Australia and New Zealand.

Announced over Niantic Labs’ official website, the developer has revealed that signups for the field testing has already commenced and can be done via this link. However, aspiring field testers should note that the signups do no guarantee slots as of yet. The developer is trying to give users a chance to experience “Pokemon GO” by providing the opportunity for early feedback.

For the most part, Niantic Labs has been very selective in the information that it has shared to the public regarding “Pokemon GO.” While there is a standing policy on the no-sharing of information for field testers, it appears that there still have been leaks on the game.

Nintendo Inquirer reported spotted a Reddit user who managed to compile a couple of information on the upcoming mobile title. Players will have a starter Pokemon in the game, though this is not yet available in the beta experience.

While players can only capture wild Pokemon using the appropriate Pokeball, the source has also reported finding battle systems within the code. There are even a total of 137 attacks discovered, and 95 additional ones that are fast versions of some of these attacks.

Some game mechanics have also been sighted. There will be microtransactions, though how these happen are yet to be cleared. Additionally, players can enjoy a day-night cycle. As far as the types of Pokemon are concerned, there are Normal, Legendary and Mythical, with Mega Evolution not hinted. The last bit of information is only confirmed for field testing, so it is possible that the developer will add it in the final version. There is a mention of Evolution stone that can evolve Pokemon.

Some mechanics for the Pokemon Gyms have also been hinted. Trainers will have a sort of cap level, wherein a high enough level will allow player to join any of the Red, Blue or Yellow Teams. This will be a social event in that players can have a Gym Membership profile that can be viewed by others who are in the same team. From here, those within the same team can train Pokemon, while those from different Gyms will be considered enemy and up for battles.

The interesting found about battles is that they can be experienced in augmented reality, though this is supposed to be optional. Battles are also time-based and occur in rounds, so time bonuses can be helpful.

These information are currently the ones sighted within the code. Hopefully, Niantic Labs will reveal more as field testing in Australia and New Zealand commences.

"Pokemon GO" field testing leaks (Credit: YouTube/nguyen thienlong)