With the new “Ratchet and Clank” title almost here, the trophies for the game has already been released. There are a total of 47 trophies, two of which are gold, 14 silver, 30 bronze and a platinum one.

DualShockers managed to get the list of trophies, which reportedly showed the humour that is associated with “Ratchet and Clank.” Some of the achievements require players to collect some items, such as all of the weapons, brains, modifications, gadgets and trophies, the last of which will get the player the Platinum trophy.

Players will also need to upgrade all of the weapons to maximum level and upgrade Ratchet’s health for some Silver trophies. There are also two missions that will require the player to complete the hoverboard Gold Cup on Rilgar and on Kalebo, and complete the Fitness Course on Kerwan on a time limit.

Bronze trophies are more diverse in that it involves rescue missions and defeating certain characters. Players will need to rescue Skidd, the Mayor and Plumber. They will also need to Defeat the Snagglebeast, Mrs. Zurkon, Captain Qwark, Victor and some 40 enemies while jetpacking in Gaspar.

There are also a number of other interesting achievements. Players need to use the Groovitron on every kind of enemy, complete the first holocard set, complete the first Raritanium weapon mode and even get eaten by a Pool Shark in the Pokitaru Ocean.

Fans who want a good, hard look at the game can check out the extended gameplay demo released by Sony. The 20-minute video shows off some of the environments in “Ratchet and Clank” via the PlayStation Underground.

The game is a reimagining of the origin story of “Ratchet and Clank.” As seen in the video, there are a couple of new weapons and planets. And a lot of interesting mechanics, such as swimming and shooting through obstacles. The video is also a good for those who want a little more information on the development process of the game.

The developer had also released the official line of merchandise for “Ratchet and Clank.” According to IGN, the collection will feature a limited edition copy of a six-colour screenprint, some pin badges, the Captain Qwark shirt, a Groovitron-styled over mitt and a vinyl soundtrack.

The collection is already available over at iam8bit, and would be a perfect accessory to the game for fans of the franchise. “Ratchet and Clank” is headed to the PS4 on April 12.

"Ratchet and Clank" extended gameplay demo (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)