The beta testing signup for the next PS4 system software update is already underway. PlayStation Blog

The latest PS4 3.5 update has brought an interesting feature that expands one of the main features of the console. Remote Play, which used to be only available with the PS Vita as well as some Sony mobile devices, is now available for the Mac and PC.

Playing the PS4 on the PC is pretty simple, and entails only some simple processes. PC Advisor has a simple guide, which only requires a few steps. First is setting up the PS4 on the PC by installing and activating the app. Players will then have to register the PS4 for Remote Play, which can be done via the Remote Play Connect menu. This can be found via Settings, after which they will need to add the device on to the Remote PC Play app.

According to the source, there are two ways by which the PS4 can be connected to the Remote PC Play. The first is via Direct Connect and Search and Connect. Direct Connect is used for players who already know the public ID address of their PS4 console. Search and Connect is an easier method for those who are not as familiar when it comes to networks.

Perhaps the most complicated step is configuring the controller, which can be the keyboard and mouse combo or a controller. It seems that the Remote Play feature for the PC and Mac works for Australia as well. Kotaku Australia has explored how Remote Play feature works here, and has confirmed that the PC and Mac requirements are pretty simple.

As far as performance goes, the Remote Play is pretty good. The only thing that is necessary is for the PS4 to be running through a wired connection. Even games that run at 60FPS, such as “NBA 2K16” and “Broderlands: The Handsome Collection” were seen to run smoothly.

While this new extension for the PS4 Remote Play has just landed, some are now speculating that the feature may also come to two more popular gaming platforms. According to Gamepur, one YouTube user has spotted a new footage that shows the PlayStation App compatible and running on an iPhone.

Additionally, there is a Remote Play option confirming the feature on the platform. So far, Sony has not yet announced any other platforms on which the PS4 Remote Play will be compatible with after the PC and Mac, so best to take this as a rumour more than an upcoming feature.

It would be an interesting move, especially considering how the mobile platform is fast gaining traction for several gamers. Even Nintendo has been seen to step into the mobile gaming platform with its Miitomo, so it would be a strategic move on Sony’s part if this feature were to be released in the future.

Possible Remote Play on mobile (Credit: YouTube/Dustin Turner)