The beta testing signup for the next PS4 system software update is already underway. PlayStation Blog

The PS4K or PS4.5 is all but confirmed straight from Sony. While confirmations from various sources as well as small revealed details have been popping up, the biggest leak so far talks about the new console’s power, one feature and the lack of a trade-in program for current PlayStation 4 owners.

This new leak had come from NeoGAF, wherein one OsirisBlack had claimed to have information following a meeting with the top executives of Sony. According to the NeoGAF user, the PS4.5 will double the current power and speed of the PS4, Gamepur reported.

One new feature that the leak hinted at is a 4K Blu-ray player. It appears to have support for upscale games that are not 4K native. Sony may have also been working on the PS4.5 for quite a while now, considering how developers seem to already have dev kits of the PS4.5.

“Developers… are making games that will directly target and take advantage of its [new PS4] higher specs. These games will work on the current PlayStation 4, but with considerable sacrifices made to performances,” the NeoGAF tipster said as quoted by Gamepur.

Perhaps the biggest downside revealed by the leak is that the games already released will not receive performance upgrades even when played using the PS4.5. However, it is possible for developers to patch the games specifically, if they wished to feature the upgrade if and when the PS4.5 is released.

The leak is pretty comprehensive, as it also included the potential price of the PS4.5. And it was revealed to be a surprising peg of US$399 (approx. AU$523). But given the possible CPU upgrade for better performance, the company appears to be considering a reportedly guaranteed ceiling price of US$499 (approx. AU$653).

If the leak is to be believed, then a trade-in program may also not be in the cards for current PS4 owners. This may still change depending on the direction that Sony takes once the PS4.5 is finally and officially announced, but as far as the reported discussions from where the leak came from, there are no plans for such a program.

Still, even with the missing features, analyst Michael Pachter believes that there will still be a reason for fans to buy the upgraded version. Speaking with Gamingbolt, Pachter said that depending on what the console will offer, there is a place and fan base that will cater to these offers.

The goal, it seems, is to ensure that the additions made to the newer versions of consoles like the PS4 is that they will offer services that the general fan base needs. While this can mean more versions or iterations for consoles, it will most definitely involve more innovations to progress gaming experiences.