Final Fantasy XV
The Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event will give more details to "Final Fantasy XV" before launch. Square Enix

Square Enix has wowed many a fan following its Uncovered: “Final Fantasy XV” event. Now that players all over can sample the demo for the PS4 and Xbox One, comparisons of their visual appeal have come out.

Putting some screenshots from the two consoles side-by-side, DualShockers stated that the PS4 version has a more definitive edge as far as distant objects are concerned. While this may be a deciding issue for some, the Xbox One version is not to be scoffed at either. Visuals-wise, it seems that the game will look good for the two platforms that “Final Fantasy XV” will launch on.

A couple of screenshots can be seen in the link above. It should be noted that the images were taken and saved as PNG files, and were recreated in both platforms with similar effects, angles, and weather and day cycles.

As far as the content of the Platinum Demo of “Final Fantasy XV” is concerned, it seems that the content is a little on the light side. The actual demo is will not be included in the final game, as Wired reported that it only contains a dream sequence with the young Noctis and his furry companion Carbuncle.

As per the source, some elements that are in the game are featured in the demo. Some switches here could unleash the switching day/night cycle, while some battles with enemies can let players sample the feel of the weapon types as they are used in “Final Fantasy XV.”

This may come as a bit of disappointment to fans who were expecting a demo that was as expansive as the last one. It does not help that there is almost half a year in between now and when the game will be released.

Still, Square Enix has a handful of things to keep “Final Fantasy XV” fans at bay during the wait, such as the already launched “Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV” anime shorts.

As far as PC players will go, there were recent leaks that pointed to a possible PC version of “Final Fantasy XV.” Even though the Uncovered has come and gone, and no announcement was made, it seems that PC fans can still hold on to a ray of hope.

While on plans were hinted as of the moment, “Final Fantasy XV” game director Hajime Tabata did say that the team acknowledges the demand for a PC version. Speaking to Engadget, Tabata stated that they are not yet working on a PC version due to the impossibility of simultaneously developing for PC and console.

The good news is that, once all of the optimisation for consoles is done, the team will turn its attention to what can be done with the PC. Of course, these are still plans, as Tabata did not make any commitments moving forward.

“Final Fantasy XV” will launch on Sept. 30 for the PS4 and Xbox One.

"Final Fantasy XV" story trailer (Credit: YouTube/SquarePortal)