Final Fantasy XV
The Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event will give more details to "Final Fantasy XV" before launch. Square Enix

The much-anticipated “Final Fantasy XV” is almost here, and already, the developer is readying itself for the event. A new artwork has already been put up over at the venue.

Siliconera spotted the artwork, which is reportedly from illustrator Yoshitaka Amano. So far, this is the only hint of the event. It’s slated to take place at 10:00 p.m. ET on March 30. There are also some live streams taking place on YouTube and Twitch scheduled by Square Enix.

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The studio has also revealed that “Final Fantasy XV” is looking at a more expanded volume of environment. Game Director Hajime Tabata has already increased the estimated hours that players will have to go through in the world.

From the previous estimate of 40 hours, Tabata had stated that it may now take the player to beat the story and the game in around 50 hours, PlayStation Lifestyle reported. The 50 hours is estimated for the main quests only. Considering that there are other side-quests and activities that can be done within “Final Fantasy XV,” it is possible to rack up and spend more time in the game. Note that the development for the game is also still continuing.

Mostly, the development stage is already at fixes and balances, though there are still a few steps left before the final balancing stages are reached. As per the report, the current performance goes below 30 FPS in some cases, as optimisation has not yet been finalised.

The good news is that the developer is still aiming for 30FPS, with an apparent backup to fix it in case this goal is not reached. For now, “Final Fantasy” fans are looking forward to the Uncovered: “Final Fantasy XV” event. The studio will be revealing the actual release date, the resolution and even a Japanese trailer shown off.

“Final Fantasy XV” should come out sometime this year. It’s slated for the PS4 and Xbox One. As a teaser, Square Enix has shared this video for the “behemoth” of an event.

"Final Fantasy XV" Uncovered event preview (Credit: YouTube/SquareEnixPresents)