Street Fighter V
"Street Fighter V" is coming to the PS4 and PC on Feb. 16. PlayStation Blog

Capcom has already deployed the awaited update for “Street Fighter V” for March. Called the “Street Fighter V” Update1.02, this is supposed to be the first of two updates for the PS4 and PC version of the game.

The March update is already live, and according to PlayStation Lifestyle, it is supposed to add the Challenge Mode and an online rematch. Additionally, lobbies will now have eight person participants as well as improvements for bugs and gameplay.

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The Challenge Mode will have content for all 16 characters in the game so that players can learn via demo and tutorial. There are a total of four tutorials in “Street Fighter V” 1.02 update.

Beginner Tutorials will have 12 lessons involving mostly movement and attacks. The Intermediate Tutorials will have 11 lessons for other types of attacks, projectiles, armour breaks and recoveries. Advanced Tutorials will have four lessons, which are mostly combo potential, button priority and back dashing. Finally, Character Tutorials will cover the specifics for each fighter.

Capcom is also providing more options to earn Fight Money via Trials. It is essentially a mode where “Street Fighter V” players can test their moves for the different characters. Completing the Trials mode will rake in some Fight Money.

Those who are keeping close tabs on the record and the fights with different players online can now go for rematches for 2-of-3 rounds in Ranked Matches. Of course, rematches will require the agreement of the other party for it to commence.

Digging deeper into the “Street Fighter V” 1.02 update, Shoryuken also managed to find some new costumes via NeoGAF user Garrett Hawke. According to the source, there are new costumes that have been hidden away and tucked into the game thanks to the new update.

Datamining has seen alternative costumes for the likes of a bandana-toting Zangief, pink wardrobe for Karin, a leather jacket-wielding cropped Ken, bearded Ryu, genie-looking Rashid, feathered R. Mika and a tribal feel for Necalli, among others. A slideshow presentation seen in the link above shows off the different costumes.

"Street Fighter V" Trials (Credit: YouTube/Keoma Pacheco)