Fallout Automatron
The first expansion for "Fallout 4" Automatron DLC is now available. Bethesda Softworks

“Fallout 4” fans who have already explored what the Automatron DLC has to offer can expect even more for the upcoming update. Dubbed as the Far Harbor DLC, developer Bethesda has teased that there will be more content for this expansion.

Without giving details, Bethesda’s Pete Hines had given a comparison for what awaits fans for the “Fallout 4” DLC. The tweet, spotted by VG 247, had been the response to a query regarding the size of the Far Harbor expansion.

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“It’s bigger in size than Shivering Isles, I asked,” said Hines via Twitter. He had been referring to the scale of Far Harbor. This is also in reference to the expansion the developer previously released for “The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion.”

As far as details go, the developer is not yet releasing any at the moment. According to the source, this DLC will cost US$25 (approx. AU$33), which is a little more than the Automatron expansion. There is still roughly an entire month before Far Harbor LC will be released, so more details are expected as the launch date comes near.

Still, “Fallout 4” fans can look forward to an update in the form of the Survival Mode update. PC players can expect the beta run for the mode sometime this week. GameReactor reported that the Survival Mode will first land on Steam beta sometime next week.

As the mode name suggests, the Survival Mode is meant to bring the heat when it comes to the challenges in the game. As previously mentioned, the update will be making things harder in terms of additional diseases, more requirements for the survival for the basic needs.

One Redditor had already managed to get the detailed list of features that will also debut with the Survival Mode update. Combat was mentioned to go another notch higher on both sides, meaning more damage dealt by the player but also received from the opponent. The Compass will also become useless as enemies will no longer appear on the compass, and the sight for locations of interest will be shorter. There is even the detailed steps on how to enable Survival in the game.

A look at Far Harbor DLC for "Fallout 4" (Credit: YouTube/JV2017gameplay)