The beta testing signup for the next PS4 system software update is already underway. PlayStation Blog

Following the leak that Sony is building a better PS4 in the alleged PS4.5—or now also dubbed as PS4K—more support for the hint has been sighted. New reports now add up to previous hints of what Sony may have up its sleeves for PS4 gamers.

The new report, cited by GameSpot, is pointing towards higher-end gaming on the PS4, with the inclusion of VR reality and the 4K experience. This means higher graphics and power, though the catch is that the upgrade is a solid one that requires the full package and not just partial upgrading.

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It seems that current PS4 players will have to be ready to shell out some cash for the new model so they can enjoy the additional features that it will bring. However, there was also hint that software-wise, the current PS4 model may also get a piece of what the improved PS4K will get.

More importantly, this planned PS4K or PS4.5 version already has a reveal date, making the product more concrete than just mere new hardware designs on the drawing board. An announcement is planned before het PlayStation VR officially launches in October. This may make sense, if only so that the PS4 can tease a gaming device that may be well-compatible or even tailored to its upcoming VR headset. Still, the lack of official announcements from Sony should still mean for players to take the reports with a grain of salt.

While the new PS4.5 or PS4K may be yet another way to entice gamers to buy a PS4 that’s a newer version, the PlayStation VR may be taking a different route in terms of how it can get more users. According to Engadget, Sony is now opening the possibility of delivering the PlayStation VR to PC players.

This is quite the big move, especially since among the available virtual reality headsets in the market, the PlayStation VR is the most practical for its consumer budget-friendly. However, the thing to remember here is that the company is just considering the possibility in the near future, and has no way confirmed anything in the works outside of the PS4 now.

For PS4 players who have already order the available preorder bundle featuring the PS VR, the PlayStation Camera and the PlayStation Move, it still is a good decision. The same goes for PC players who may have already preodered the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive VR headsets.

According to the interview, Sony’s Masayasu Ito had only stated that future plans for expansion are currently being considered. And this is mostly because of the similar architectures of the hardware of the PS4 and the PC that will enable the machine to support both.

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For now, Sony is looking to build the library of games on which it will showcase the capability of the PlayStation VR. Perhaps the good thing that PS VR support on the PC will bring is to add one more contender from which player can chose to experience virtual reality in.

Some details on the PS4K (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation News Daily)