Smite Raijin
A new update for "SMITE" on the PS4 and Xbox One has been released, which includes a new god, Raijin, Master of Thunder. SMITEgames

Xbox One players are not the only ones who will be enjoying “Smite” on local servers in Australia. Developer Hi-Rez has also now just announced that PS4 local servers in Australia have launched in tandem with the open beta.

Currently, the open beta for the PS4 in Australia has already commenced. The open beta was timed in conjunction with the second birthday celebration of “Smite,” allowing players on any platform to enjoy the different deals, sales and daily events that the game has in store. Additionally, PS4 players can also now get for themselves the Ultimate God Pack, now offered at a 50 percent discount from its AU$44.96 original price tag, AusGamers reported.

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In mid-2015, Hi-Rez confirmed that “Smite” will have local Australian servers for the Xbox One. The open beta for Microsoft’s console kicked off in July 2015, which had followed a closed beta testing. Overall, this will make for a better experience on PS4 players, as it puts them on the same field as the experience enjoyed by Xbox One players.

In addition to the announcement of local servers, the developer had also released a new patch for both the Xbox One and PS4 version of “Smite.” This new patch allows console players to get the most recently added god in the PC version, which is Raijin, the Master of Thunder.

His passive, Static Crescendo allows him to charge his drums with Basic Attacks and Abilities. When all four drums are charged, the next in-hand will have more damage. This passive is also useful when Raijin uses some of his pretty powerful attacks.

The Percussive Storm, which makes use of his drums to bring peals of thunder in a line. It also gives one charge of the Static Crescendo for every fire. Raiju is an ability and an ally, which allows Raijin to mark his target on the minimap. It also grants a charge to the passive upon first activation. Finally, Thunder Crash lets Raijin hail down a bolt of lightning on a target to damage and mesmerise enemies. This is followed by a second attack from Raijin, which also brings two charges of Static Crescendo.

The new update also brings some settings changes, as well as some new god skins. Among these are Devil Horns Raijin, Reaper Tech Thanatos, Guttersniper Cupid, Epsolon Sol, The Undying Xing Tian, Sol Master Skins and Chaacoloate Chaac. The last one is obviously a nod for Easter.

There are also a few skins for the new season ticket, including Aurum Nu Wa, Silent Blade Nemesis, White Death Loki and Crimson Ops Bastet. Finally, the new patch also brings in some new god cards: Serqet Ebonsoul and Serqet Demonsoul. The full patch can be seen in the official “Smite” website.

"Smite" on the PS4 (Credit: YouTube/SMITE by Hi-Rez Studios)