Halo 5
New concept image for Skirmish at Darkstar map for Ghosts of Meridian DLC. Halo Waypoint

With March already drawing to a close, “Halo 5 Guardians” are expecting more news and updates for the upcoming DLC, Ghosts of Meridian. Developer 343 Industries has confirmed that the expansion will come sometime in early April.

As a sneak peek, 343 Industries has shared a few snapshots of the concept art for the Skirmish at Darkstar over at the official Halo Waypoint blog. The new map will be the new Warzone addition for “Halo 5 Guardians,” and it will feature colonial reclamation amidst a harsh and polluted environment.

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The developer has promised a new Warzone experience with Skirmish at Darkstar. This is all thanks to elements like unique sightlines, cover pieces and flank routes, which allow players to make use of the different elements to strategise and plan their next move.

In a more recent blog update, 343 Industries delved into the fictional lore surrounding the newly unveiled Skirmish at Darkstar map. The map is set with the backdrop of the Pinnacle Station being lost. There are now contingency plans that aim to reconstitute the losses that were obtained following the loss of the Pinnacle Station. This is to continue rolling out the resources from the planet. To fast-forward this, the operations now involve more manpower, resources specialists and even one of the largest resource processor ships.

The Hannibal Mantis was also teased by way of a concept art, seen in the link above. The developer avoided giving to many details about these robot-like things, but hinted that these will be discussed more during the live stream and upcoming blog updates.

“I also wanted to capture the mood of what a mining planet would feel like, with the sunlight peeking through its heavily polluted atmosphere,” said Senior Concept Artist Josh Kao over at the Halo blog.

In related “Halo” news, the 2016 Halo World Championship has already ended, with CLG taking over the top spot with an impressive 4-0 margin. According to GameSpot, the winning team has dibs on the US$1 million (approx. AU$1.32 million) dollars.

For “Halo 5 Guardians” players who have watched the tournament, there is a free Halo World Championship Req pack that can be claimed. This Halo World Championship REQ pack will include all new Ultra Rare Challenger armour set and the Halo WC 2016 emblem.

Ghosts of Meridian DLC for "Halo 5 Guardians" (Credit: YouTube/HaloFollower)