Firaxis Games has released the new "XCOM 2" DLC Anarchy's Children. XCOM

“XCOM 2” developer Firaxis Games has released the latest anticipated DLC for the title “Anarchy’s Children” at roughly the same time as when the latest patch hit the game. The new DLC features over 100 customisation options featuring various hairstyles, face paints armours, masks and even decals.

PC Gamer reported that the pack will be available as an additional solo DLC for US$4.99 (approx. AU$6.57). However, players who were able to get the Reinforcement Pack will see the DLC as part of it. At the same time, the developer has detailed the first major patch for “XCOM 2.”

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Over at the official XCOM website, the developer announced that the patch will automatically install and introduce fixes, balance tweaks and performance optimisations to the game. One notable addition that came with the patch is the Zip Mode option. This reportedly allows a faster-paced experience by way of faster animations and delays in gameplay. These also speeds up animation and normal movement in animation. To activate this, “XCOM 2” players will need to pause the game and activate the mode under the gameplay options.

For the multiplayer aspect, the patch delivers fixes for slow communications to deal with the delays in the game. There’s also a new camera rotation in MP mode. The full list of fixes and balances to weapons and gameplay can be seen in the link above.

Additionally, Firaxis Games has assured fans that there will still be additional patches in the coming months. These will be geared towards the continued improvement of “XCOM 2” in terms of performance, balance and stability.

While players are still enjoying the newest DLC for “XCOM 2,” fans of creator Julian Gollop can look forward to a new title. Rock Paper Shotgun reported that the co-creator of the original series has already teased a new title, supposedly dubbed as “Phoenix Point.”

According to the report, Gollop had tweeted that it is a turn based tactical combat with world-based strategy. There is already a website for “Phoenix Point,” seen here. However, all it contains is the logo, and a silhouette background photo. Fans who want to be updated with any news can sign up for a newsletter on the website. Twitter fans are already abuzz with the possibilities of what the new game could be.

"XCOM 2" Anarchy's Children DLC (Credit: YouTube/XCOM)