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Virtual reality in gaming used to be a Holy Grail that remained a dream, considering all the risks, issues and downsides towards developing the technology. Now, however, it has become one of the hottest topics in the industry, with more VR headsets and titles coming out. Among these is Sony’s contender, the PlayStation VR.

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida had already expressed his interest in VR way before it translated to an actual device. In an interview reported by DualShockers, former Sony exec Shahid Ahmad shared his thoughts on VR and how Yoshida had slowly realised the power of VR and its possible translation onto the PS4.

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According to the report, Yoshida was already interested in the capabilities of VR. It had even started with an experience with “God of War” on the PS3 and what appeared to be a close encounter to a VR experience. Yoshida had reportedly see what it was like to play as Kratros. Additionally, there was a similar experience with the “Half-Life 2,” further convincing the Sony boss of the capabilities of the PS4 for bringing VR to consumers.

Fast forward into the development of the PlayStation VR, the team still had a lot of polishing to do even after announcing the headset, then still called “Project Morpheus.” There had been issues with comfort, frame rates and field of view, among others.

The good thing about the development process is not necessarily the competition with other companies developing VR technology. Instead, Yoshida emphasised that despite coming from different companies and backgrounds, the developers share a unified vision, which is to bring the best of VR experience to consumers.

Talking about the PlayStation VR, it appears that Sony is really pushing for its virtual reality headset for the market. A new bundle has been announced, with preorders starting as early as March 22, Sony announced via the PlayStation Blog. The PlayStation VR includes the PlayStation Move and PlayStation Camera, which allows for a complete set in basically enjoying most, if not all, of the VR-based titles coming to the PS4.

As a full set, this bundle has the PS VR headset, and cables, stereo headphones, the PS VR demo disc, the PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move controllers and the disc version of the PlayStation VR Worlds. It will cost US$499 (approx. AU$657) as a preorder.

Technically, this is the only bundle available for preorder, as the core US$399 (approx. AU$525) PlayStation VR bundle won’t be. As far as good deals are concerned, the extra US$100 (approx. AU$132) will actually get players two PS Move controllers, the PS Camera and the PlayStation VR Worlds.

This is a good deal for those who have yet to buy the two other PS devices to enhance gameplay with the PlayStation VR. of course, for those who already have the two PS devices can still wait for the possibility that Sony will announce a preorder for the core bundle.

PlayStation VR Worlds announcement trailer (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)