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"Pokémon Go” Plus devices that will be compatible with "Pokémon Go” Pokemon official website

Celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise continue. This time, a new milestone has been reached as The Pokemon Company announced that the main series of games has already exceeded its 200 million mark goal of copies sold worldwide.

Forbes added that the full count for Pokemon titles would be 279 million, counting all the spin-off titles in the series. This does not end here, however, as more new Pokemon titles are presently enjoyed by fans. And considering the new teasers of upcoming “Pokemon Sun and Moon” titles, there still seems to be a lot in store for its two-decade anniversary.

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Pokemon GO gameplay released

The much-anticipated real-life emulation of the Pokemon series, “Pokemon GO” has recently received a new gameplay from the developer. Players have been excited about this title, as it is the closest that Pokemon fans can get to experience what the mainstays in the game enjoy—catching Pokemon in the real world.

The new “Pokemon GO” gameplay was first shown off at the SXSW. Though it only lasts a little over a minute, the gameplay trailer shows how the smartphone game is used to catch a Pokemon.

Interestingly, in the demo, it shows that it’s possible for the Pokemon to get away if a wrong Poke ball is used to catching it. The Ivysaur got away on the first throw, and required a different Poke Ball to be captured correctly.

The developer has yet to detail how “Pokemon GO” will work. It will be first rolled out as a beta test in Japan, GameSpot reported. It seems that the field test will not take too long, since the planned release to the app stores is sometime in 2016.

‘Pokken Tournament’ players’ penalty

Following the global release of “Poklen Tournament on the Nintendo Wii U eShop and retailers, fans have been exploring the title. As with any multiplayer games, however, it appears that there are Pokemon fans who just cannot stop quitting when it feels like the current battle does not have any chance of winning.

To counter rage quitting, the developer has shown off just how players can be punished, Eurogamer reported that players are forewarned about rage quitting, with one in-game character describing it as “rude” to the opponent.

For those who still push on with rage quitting, the amount of Poke Gold suffers as a consequence. This means that, if a player quits and gets disconnected in the middle of the match in Online Battle, the penalty is an automatic deduction in the in-game currency.

‘Pokemon Komaster’ trademark

Finally, trusted Pokemon source Serebii has spotted a new trademark from the developer. According to the report, “Pokemon Komaster” has been seen as one of the latest trademarks from Nintendo, GameFreak and Creatures Inc.

It appears that this will be a mobile game patterned as a board game. What is interesting here is how the game will require players to take over the opponent’s arena in the game by using virtual figures that may attack opponents. Nintendo has not yet hinted at what it plans to do with the mobile game. But it considering how the company has been exploring the realm of mobile games, this may be yet another interesting title.

"Pokemon GO" first gameplay trailer (Credit: YouTube/Eric F)