The beta testing signup for the next PS4 system software update is already underway. PlayStation Blog

The PS4 is barely in the middle of its third year, but it appears that Sony is already looking at creating an improved version. If a new report is to be believed, there may be a PS4.5 in development over at Sony’s headquarters.

The report was from Kotaku who had obtained the new information via developer sources. What is interesting about the new version for the PS4 is that it will have more advanced technology that can handle 4K resolution games and play increased graphical power.

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This is a timely upgrade for the PS4, if only if it will push up the power of the console with a PS4.5 version to meet the 1080p run for most games. The upgrade is catered more for games, since the PS4 is already capable of 4K output for videos and photos. This seems to be more than just a rumour, however, as the source claimed that developers have already been briefed by the company.

Its timing is also very telling, considering how Sony has just released more information about its upcoming PlayStation VR virtual reality headset. Already set to be more competitive than other VR headsets in terms of pricing, this may be Sony’s way of maintaining its game in delivering top-quality VR experiences.

As far as old PS4 users go, Sony has yet to reveal the mechanics of the improved PS4.5, since its development has not yet been made official. It would make sense for a trade-in approach to happen, so that those who want to adapt the newer version have a choice without having to buy a new console at full price.

This will also be good way for Sony to up the ante for the PS4. There has been a new report for the Xbox One, which involves a feature that may be quite beneficial to many of its gamers.

According to Daily Star, Microsoft may be considering allowing gamers to sell back their digital games for a small amount. The new feature was spotted in an Xbox Customer survey, with a screenshot of the question seen in the link above. Microsoft phrased it in such a way that the player can sell back a digital game for 10 percent online store credit.

This would be a great way for players to sample more games at a relatively cheaper rate overall. Of course, this could also hint at Microsoft’s efforts to create a buying and reselling community in a specific store, which would be its own Xbox Store. It might be one of the steps towards building unified store for Xbox and possibly PC platforms, especially since the refund appears to be online credit for the store that the game was bought in.

Most of these are purely fan speculation at this point. Not all of the features hinted at surveys like these come to fruition, so best to take it with a grain of salt, until Microsoft announces the feature on the Xbox One. If it does, however, this may be yet another step that Microsoft’s console will take towards improving its console.

PS4.5 possibly in development (Credit: YouTube/IGN)