The beta testing signup for the next PS4 system software update is already underway. PlayStation Blog

Sony will release the much-awaited PS4 Update 3.5. This brings several new features, the biggest of which will be remote play for the PC and Mac.

Considered to be the next major software update codenamed Musashi, the PS4 3.5 update will finally be out of the beta program. The goal is to make multiplayer play and features easier and bring in some nice new features like the one mentioned above.

Spearheading the social features for the PS4 Update 3.5 is the ability to appear offline to friends. On the Online Status option, players can choose to “Appear Offline,” with further settings that could let players appear offline either as they log-in or at any time they choose, as per the PlayStation Blog.

At the same time, for players who want to know who of their friends are online, can get notified on when they do. Gameplay sessions with friends can also already now be setup. Players can now create an event and make an invitation where they can specify the date, time, game and the friends who are invited to the gameplay session.

Going to potentially the biggest feature is the Remote Play for the PC and Mac. The PS4 feature will now work with the Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or later versions. For the Mac, it will be compatible with the OS X 10.10 or 10.11.

Resolution and frame rate is also dependent on player preferences. The resolution options include 360p, 540p (Standard) and 720p, while the frame rates can either be Standard at 30FPS or high at 60FPS. When using the Remote Play for the PS4, players can also use the DualShock 4 controller, which can be connected to either the PC or Mac with a USB cable.

This is not the only update over at Sony’s camp. Recently, a new Game Contest has been announced for the PlayStation VR, Sony’s contender into the virtual reality gaming arena, Gematsu reported.

The PlayStation VR Game Contest was only teased during the Unite 2016, held in Tokyo, Japan. There are no details of the contest as of yet, but from the looks of it, the big bosses will be the judge. These include Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida, Unity Technologies Japan senior manager Hiroki Oomae and Cygames games director Eitoshi Ashihara.

PS4 3.5 update (Credit: YouTube/MaximumGameplay)