Xbox One controllers
Microsoft is rolling out new Xbox One controllers with gradient finishes. Xbox Wire

There has been a lot of talk about the PS4.5 or PS4K. While this is creating a buzz among PS4 fans and virtual reality enthusiasts, it seems that a refresh version of the Xbox One is not in the cards.

Speaking at the Microsoft Build 2016, Xbox boss Phil Spencer had answered a few questions, including a query on a possible update to the hardware. According to GameSpot, the plan for Xbox One is to ensure that movement for the console is with big numbers.

“If we’re going forward with anything, like I said, I want it to be a really substantial change for people—an upgrade,” said Spencer as quoted by GameSpot. He stated that the Xbox One is currently a console that delivers what it has promised.

It does not mean that the Xbox One is not improving after its launch. Microsoft has been diligently rolling out software updates. The biggest so far is the addition of backward compatibility for some Xbox 360 games. This alone is a frequent update, as more titles are being added to the growing list.

Additionally, there has been notable movement in terms of the integration between the Xbox One and Windows. In an interview with Game Informer, Spencer also threw a few tidbits of its plans regarding the integration between the two.

While not using the encompassing “all” to describe which titles will be releasing on both the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms, Spencer revealed that the decision is affected by several factors. For him, there are games that are better played on the keyboard and mouse, a decision that may also be from the developer-side of the equation.

As such, the company is giving some creative leeway in terms of how games can be better played—whether on the PC, Xbox One or both—with the goal of ensuring that the games’ mechanics and experiences for players come first.

In any case, what fans can look forward to the Xbox One would be the games. Currently, the anticipated title for the Xbox One and Windows 10 is “Quantum Break.” To celebrate the game’s release on April 5, Microsoft is giving away a new “Quantum Break” bundle as the top prize for its new contest.

Announced via Major Nelson’s Blog, the Xbox One Special Edition “Quantum Break” Bundle include a white Xbox One 500GB console with matching controller, the full game download for “Quantum Break,” a full game download of “Alan Wake” that’s playable on the Xbox One and 14 days of Xbox Live Gold trial.

The contest runs until April 7. Interested fans will only have to answer one question: If you had the ability to accelerate, slow and/or stop time, how would you use this power? Contestants will need to respond via comment to the blog’s link above. Note that the contest and its prizes is available to select regions, so make sure to check first.

"Quantum Break" trailer (Credit: YouTube/Xbox)