Destiny April Update
The "Destiny" April Update is set to debut on April 12. Bungie

New armour and weapons, Sterling Treasure boxes, new emotes and more Vault Space—these are just a few of the new things and improvements that Guardians can expect with the “Destiny” April update.

Bungie’s second livestream has ended, and it revealed quite a number of the developer’s plans for what players can earn in the game. The newest reward to be included in “Destiny” is the Sterling Treasure pack. According to Eurogamer, “Destiny” players can get a total of three of these packs each week, one of which can easily be obtained by reset.

The breakdown of the contents of the Sterling Treasure includes a piece of armour and any two of the following items: a sparrow, some class items, rep boosters or the Chroma customisation item.

The developer has also given a sneak peek of how infusing and leveling up items will happen in “Destiny.” Three of the weapons and armour that were in the House of Wolves expansion will now be upgradable based on the new level cap of 335. These include the Dreg’s Promise, the Lord of Wolves and the Queenbreaker’s Bow.

Additionally, the “Destiny” April update will bring several new gear into the game. The official “Destiny” Twitter shows off how the new Chroma feature can customise the Guardian and put them in a new light—literally speaking.

Bungie has also detailed the new update for the “Destiny” Companion app over at the official Bungie website. The “Destiny” Companion app now has a few more tools to make the social side of the Guardians experience even better.

First of the new improvements is that there is now a true iPad version of the app available at the iPad App store. There are also a few options, such as the ability to search for the Gear across characters and the vault, easy equip or transfer of gear for missions and progress tracking for those completionist players.

Additionally, the app now makes it easier to see different activities that Guardians can participate in the game. Players can also now be more in tune with how their friends are doing, as the “Destiny” Companion app can now let players track friends’ progress for Activities.

New things to earn "Destiny" (Credit: YouTube/Bungie)