Two Dots
"Two Dots" developer Playdots has partnered with MediaBrix to integrate brand and deliver more content. Playdots

Three-year-old “Two Dots” has found a great way to remain relevant as a game and even expand its offered content to players who are sticking to a free-play gaming experience. Developer Playdots has partnered with in-app engagement firm MediaBrix to deliver a new way to integrate brand advertising into “Two Dots.”

This new brand advertising integration is set to happen sometime in mid-April, and it will follow in the footsteps of how MediaBrix’s other partnerships are like. In short, even freemium members will be able to experience a more premium gaming experience, without the cost of losing what the vision of the developer of the brand is.

“’Two Dots’ has a huge, sophisticated audience that is highly coveted by Fortune 500 brands,” said co-founder and CEO of MediaBrix Ari Brandt in a press statement to International Business Times Australia. We’re excited to help them monetise in a way that enhances user experience and encourages game play with more access to content.”

This partnership had been a deliberate exploration and execution for developer Playdots as well. In a recent blog, Playdots CEO Paul Murphy shared the journey and eventual partnership with MediaBrix as part of the studio’s goal towards giving gamer’s the best experience with “Two Dots.”

Three years following the launch of “Two Dots,” monetisation was still heavily reliant on in-game app purchases. This was due to the developer’s aim of deviating from the mobile gaming scene that predominantly promoted ads that can detract from the gaming experience.

With a careful approach to advertising, Playdots have found a good way to integrate brand with advertising via a first venture with Gravity Mode in Dots, which was promoted during Gravity Day last September 2013. Following successful results, the company had looked for more ways to integrate branding seamlessly.

This effort has landed them a partnership with MediaBrix, a company that has an extensive background when it comes to organic integration of brands in the game experience. While continuing with the integration of brand content by way of engaging videos ads in exchange for in-app goods, Playdots has ensured that the content delivered to “Two Dots” players are also monitored for a responsible and enjoyable gaming experience.

“By remaining focused on our player experience first and foremost, we believe we can build a much stronger bond between our brand and our community, leading to a greater propensity to spend and more than making up for any short-term gaps from advertising,” Murphy said in the blog. “At the same time, our focus on strong brands and great creative should make for a much better partnership with advertisers as well.”

"Two Dots" trailer (Credit: YouTube/Two Dots)