Nintendo amiibo
The limited edition Mega Yarn Yoshi is going back to retail via Toys 'R' Us. Nintendo

Another file has been spotted for Nintendo, and this time, it’s for an information processing system, program and imaging device. For the most part, the patent does not look to be connected to the Nintendo NX, but rather an accessory device.

My Nintendo News spotted the patent, which reportedly looks like an NFC reader or writer. Snapshots of the patent, seen below, shows that the device has a camera unit, an imaging device, a curved surface mirror and a camera, among others. One other interesting point about the patent is that the device appears to have been developed by Fumihiko Inoue, who is known to have worked on the circuit design for the Nintendo 3DS.

It seems that an image can be projected on the surface, wherein the objects will be read when positioned on the device. After which, the information will be processed by the system.

Based on the image of the figure illustrated, it may be speculated that the device can also be some form of an Amiibo reader. There is mention of detecting objects when positioned and processing the image, which is basically similar to what an NFC reader does. The details of the patent can be explored more here, thanks to the translation of a NeoGAF user.

Nintendo has also teased a new promotion to celebrate the 30 years of “The Legend of Zelda” franchise in Japan. Over at the Nintendo of America Game Store, a new promo message announces the “Summer of Zelda,” and hints at a number of games that must be downloaded for every adventurer’s gaming list.

Go Nintendo spotted the message, alongside a screenshot of the banner ad. However, Nintendo has not yet released the details for the summer event, and what exactly it will entail for players.

While waiting for official details, “The Legend of Zelda” fans can try a novel fan-made game that was created as a tribute for the 30 years of the franchise. PC Mag reported the game is a browser-based title that harks back to the Hyrule title. It’s titled “Zelda 30 Tribute,” and the controls mimic more or less how the game was played.